I swear, this could work...


Always on the look out for cost effective ideas to enhance productivity, I came across this BBC3 programme; Swearing can boost your performance a couple of weeks ago. It sparked a recollection of Brian Blessed (Stephen Fry’s Planet Word programme), placing his hands in freezing water for considerably longer just by continually swearing.

Discovering this could significantly boost cognitive as well as physical performance, are we are missing a trick here? At this point, I will add the caveat, this is suggested specifically for improving productivity, and not to concern ourselves with the potential offence caused and HR fallout!  

Many companies already have a performance and sales enhancing ‘morning huddle’ I wondered given the evidence above, what sort of enhancement could be achieved with a few minutes that go beyond the usual management ra-ra, and showcase an unedited stream of unbridled swearing. And given the hypoalgesic effect of swearing, could surely have applications in softening the effects of ‘change management’.

So, if you visit the office and chance upon copious swearing, feel safe in the knowledge that you are getting a better project; we are just practicing improving our productivity!

Oh, and if you are concerned with the intellectual vigour of swearing, it’s worth reviewing the excellent George Carlin monologue below (please note, does contain a lot of swearing!).

LeftfieldStuart Hills